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Joymix Hello Bong 30 sachets

JoyMix Hello-Bong is a unique formulation made from Halla-Bong oranges and Curcumin from turmeric extract.
Halla-Bong is a special seedless species of oranges cultivated primarily on Jeju Island in Korea. They have high amounts of Vitamin C and are naturally sweet. JoyMix Hello-Bong combines the nutritional properties of Halla-Bong with the health benefits of turmeric for creating a cool and refreshing orange powder drink.


Reduces Joints Inflammation – JoyMix Hello-Bong is effective in reducing joint and muscle pain caused by inflammation. It is beneficial for older adults or osteoarthritis patients who have lost bone cartilage and experience pain due to the grinding of the bones. Individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis, wherein the joint’s synovial membrane is inflamed, will experience relief as well. (Journal Phytotherapy 2014 Yunes 



JoyMix Hello-Bong also helps with muscle pain caused by excessive physical activity e.g after a marathon run.


Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is one of the most common health problems of women during their reproductive stage. It will change your physical and emotional of women before the period comes. The symptoms of PMS are:

Physical sign

  • bloated tummy
  • cramp
  • tender breast
  • joint pain 
  • pimples

Emotional signs

  • Tense or anxious
  • mood swing
  • out of control
  • feel lonely


But most of the PMS problems have mild abdominal cramps on the first day or two of their period, about 10% of women experience severe pain. This call Dysmenorrhea

Hello Bong consist of Halla-Bong oranges and curcumin from turmeric extract which is an effective reduction of  PMS  problem without side effect. Medical Science of University Tehran, Iran has conducted a study in 2015, that curcumin augmenting levels of neurotransmitters improved mood and behavioral symptoms of PMS and through inhibition of COX-2 enzyme (prostaglandin E2 synthesis) attenuated physical symptoms of menstruation cycle. In this study, it has taken 70 PMS women. As a result, amazingly, the curcumin able to reduce 59% of the total severity of PMS. Hello Bong also effectively relieves inflammation of the uterus during menstrual. (Journal Complementary Therapies in Medicines 2015).

Boost Immunity. 

a) Free Radical-  Free Radical from air pollutants, unhealthy food, or cigarette smoke, will increase body oxidative stress. The free radicals can damage fatty tissue, DNA, and proteins in your body. That damage can lead to a vast number of diseases over time. These include:

- diabetes
- atherosclerosis, or the hardening of the blood vessels
- inflammatory conditions
- high blood pressure, which is also known as hypertension
- heart disease
- neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
- cancer

Oxidative stress also contributes to aging.

So Hello-Bong which has high antioxidants made from Halla-Bong Oranges and Tumeric Extract can eliminate the free radicals from our body. It will keep the free radical and antioxidant balance. 

b)  Body Recover Fast From Illness- When viruses or Bacteria enter our body, the immune system in our body will trigger cell inflammation to fight on the virus or bacteria. That why we will have fever nose block or sore throat is due to our body's immune system to fight on the virus or bacteria.  That's normal.

But over a long period, the over inflammation will start to kill our body's good cells. That the reason your body will feel weak and tired after a long illness. Joymix Hello Bong can regulate the body inflammation cell so that our good cell will not be killed due to over inflammation. We can recover from illness fast and feel strong again.  


Joymix Insourin | 30 sachets x 10g

Many of us love sweet food...but worry or currently suffer from diabetes.

Sadly, diabetes is a major health concern in Malaysia. According to National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, almost one in five Malaysian adults has diabetes. This survey also revealed that 1.8 million out of 3.5 million Malaysians diagnosed with diabetes were not even aware they were afflicted with the chronic disease. 

However, we have found an effective way to help diabetes patients. Here's the good news for those who is diabetes patient! We have a remedy for you which is INSOURIN.

The main ingredients of Insourin are:

1. Citron Juice Powder / YUJA/ 유자

2. Patented Momordica Charantia Polypeptide ( bitter melon) 고야

3. Erythritol- Zero Calorie Sugar

4. Green Coffee Extract ( no caffeine) - Help to block carbohydrates. Will does not cause insomnia. 

The benefit of Insourin.

1. Help Lower Blood Glucose  After Meal

2. Help  Glycated Hemoglobin ( HbA1c)

3. Help Body Fat

            Patented Momordica Charantia has excellent effects on body-fat reduction and can prevent muscle atrophy which is common in diabetes. 

But do take note that Insourin is only suitable for pre-diabetic and diabetic patients. A normal person is not advisable to use Insourin as a slimming supplement. 

4.Help in Lower Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride

Besides preventing the formation of body fat, it can also prevent the increase of body lipids. Normal Bitter melon extract is not effective compared to Insourin. 

5. Prevention of Fatty Liver and Liver Disease

Fatty liver disease is also common among Malaysians,s especially on a diabetic patients. Patented Momordica Charantia can prevent fatty liver and oxidative stress-related liver diseases.

How to Consume

Pour 1 sachet of Insourin into 1 small cup of normal room temperature water. 

Stir well and drink together with a meal or after the meal. 


How to determine Diabetic and Pre-diabetic and Insourin Dosage


HbA1c test

Fasting Blood Sugar Test

Insourin Dosage


<5.7 %

<100 (mg/dL)

<5.6 (mmol/L




5.7-6.4 %

100-125 (mg/dL)

5.6-7.0 (mmol/L

1sachets/ day


>6.5 %

>126 (mg/dL)

7.0 mmol/L


2 sachets/ day

How to prevent and reduce blood glucose level? 

Eat Healthy Diet and Regular Exercise 

Diabetic patients are advised to eat more high fiber food such as vegetables and eat less oily and high-calorie food e.g soft drink, rice, fried chicken.

Regular exercise can help to burn down the excess sugar in the body. Target 30-60 min moderate physical activity such as walking, slow jogging, etc. With the help of Insourin, you can reduce your blood sugar level more effectively! 

Continue Medicine?

You can drink Insourin while you take insulin or any diabetes medicine. But if your blood sugar with medicine or insulin on that day has dropped to <5.6 mmol/L you don't require to drink Insourin. 

If your blood sugar is high, we recommend you to drink Insourin during or after meals. Your blood sugar will go down within 2 hours.  After you consume 1 month you may go for an HbA1c test and consult with a doctor to reduce your medication dosage. Non-prediabetic or diabetic peoples are not advised to consume regularly.


JOYMIX YOGHURT YUJA | 20's x 3g | Probiotic

Excellent Immunity Booster for All ages range.

Joymix Yogyurt Yuja boost body immunity by 3 main ingredients which are Sacchoromyces boulardii (yeast), Yeast Beta Glucan and Colostrum (first form of cow milk ) These three ingredients creates three defense system in human body. It is a divine combination of yoghurt and yuja taste sweet with mild sour to create this wonderful supplement !

1st Defense System

S. boulardii is beneficial in diarrhea prevention and treatment. It is a type of yeast found in lychee and mangosteen. Studies proved that S. boulardii is the only yeast species found as an effective probiotic in anti-diarrhea clinical trials. But how it works? The main mechanism of action is inhibition of growth of pathogenic bacteria in intestine as well as stimulation of antibody production against toxin released by intestinal microbes.[1] Eventually, it provides regulation and protection towards intestinal lining from pathogens that can damage our intestines.


2nd Defense System

Yeast Beta Glucan (YBG) plays a crucial role in immunity enhancinganti-infection and wound healing. Gastrointestinal tract is the major immune organ due to high amount of immune cells located here. YBG helps to boost the efficiency of cells that responsible in engulf and destroy pathogens to react quickly towards infection, supporting our immune system[4]. In other words, it alerts the immune cell in intestinal lymphatic system to attack the foreign cell.

Moreover, presence of YBG increase the synthesis of collagen in skin layer which vital in wound healing.[3]


3rd Defense System

Colostrum-derived imunnoglobulins (IGg) is a type of antibody that mammals provide for newborns to creates a life-long immunity. A higher number of IGg antibodies in blood circulation can definitely lower the risk of infection, allergic together with autoimmune diseases.[5] IGg neutralizes infection of human cells in addition to prevent respiratory and guts inflammation. Furthermore, it boosts rate of phagocytosis, a process of killing bacteria through engulfing or ingesting foreign particles detected by living cells. IGg in colostrum also provides growth factors in high concentration but low volume for kids.[5]



  1. Anti-diarrhea – Yeast probiotic can destroys intestinal protozoa and bacteria in gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea easy happen when you travel to other places. Take 1-2 sachet before you travel.
  2. Support immune system associated with colds(rhinitis) and asthma – IGg in cow milk and breast milk facilitate the production of T-cells that were needed for protective effect in asthma development[4]. In fact, among patients who took colostrum supplements, the duration of recovery from common colds is three times shorter than people without consuming colostrum supplements.
  3. Irritable bowel symptoms & Improve Bowel Movement– S. boulardii performs beneficial effects in treatment of gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS have been confirmed by clinical researches.[1] It activates local mucosal mechanism in intestines to reduce diarrhea significantly. Joymix Yoghurt Yuja can help to improve your bowel movement to type 3 &4. Pls refer to Bristol Stool Chart.


Wound Healing  – Application of beta-1,3-glucan can give healing effects on impaired healing disease for instance diabetes mellitus and acne. It acts as a wound healing agent to improve wounds repair by regeneration of epithelial cells, deposition of collagen and produce granulation tissue.[3]  

Help Anti-allergic/ Ezcema – Sensitization towards specific allergen can be reduced because IGg has potential to bind not only medically important viruses and bacteria, but also to various allergens. Mechanistically, IGg antibodies will bind to allergens before it reaches target receptor to initiate allergic responses. Consequently, inhibition of allergic reaction increases when more IGg-allergens complexes are formed. Consume before you take seafood.

Help Kids to Grow Bigger – Colostrum contain lactoferrin which help kids grow. Lactoferrin involved in formation of blood tissue along with destruction of bacteria cell wall.

Shelf life stable – Unlike bacteria, yeast is relatively stable in room temperature and NO refrigerated storage is needed. Perfect for carry to prevent or treat diarrhea and constipation during travel. Estimate Live probiotic per sachet is 2 billion. However the quantities of live probiotic will not be reduce if we courier the parcel to you as the S.Boulardii can withstand heat 40 celcius



Adult – 2 sachets/day

Child – 1 sachets/day

Suggest consume morning.

Steps to consume Joymix Yoghurt Yuja

  1. Cut or tear a sachet of JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja.
  2. b. Slowly suck or sip JoyMix Yoghurt Yuja directly from the sachet or pour it into the mouth, allowing it to melt.
     c. Relish the taste of yoghurt yuja as it cools and tingles your taste buds. Fyi Yuja is a kind of lemon that available in Korea.
     d. Swallow with a sip of water afterward.